Buben Štěstí

We would like to introduce a unique musical instrument and a resonant drum; which is called «Happy Drum» or «The Drum of Happiness»

Buben Štěstí

Everyone can play

Forget that someone told you or your child that you have no ear for music. We guarantee that everyone can play this musical instrument.Watch a video of how a child can learn to play in a few minutes, how fast it can open to intuition and creativity.

Buben Štěstí
Buben Štěstí

E-Teacher Guide

If you're still worried about failing; we have the E-Teacher Guide for you to learn how to play more difficult melodies. . We've been developing this LED device for 3 years. A dual-core ESP32 Pico, D4 processor, and a very powerful Li-Po battery that charges via micro USB. It's easy to use. Download the app to your phone, connect to the E-Teacher via Bluetooth then choose one of the fifteen tunes, select the speed, set it in the center of the drum and start playing…more on YouTube.

Who is the drum suitable for?

We’ve sold more than 1500 drums around the world and gathered information from people on how to use the drums:


We’ve received great feedback from parents and kindergartens; Children can play the drum for hours and keep being entertained.


We have good feedback from some companies; people like to play the drum in their free time during a break or after lunch. They borrow it home. Thanks to the positive vibrations, people can release stress during their work break and regenerate their forces more quickly.

Recreation centers

Several of our drums got into recreational facilities and the response is clear: It is made for such places.

Buben Štěstí
Buben Štěstí Buben Štěstí

Listen to the Drum of Happiness - the Play button is right on the drum.

Pregnancy and childbirth

For ethical reasons; we cannot show you a video, but several private clinics use drums. Either the pregnant woman plays the drum if she can, or a family member plays next to her.

Musicians and Bands

With them, musicians create interesting creative sound essences in their music.

Relaxation, Meditation, Vibromassage

People, who are in favor of methods of harmonizing the body through vibrations, like to use these tools as well.

Try to play

You can listen to the sounds of the reeds on the drum, but note that the drum is not only a musical instrument but also a wide-range vibration source and the speaker cannot transmit real sound, so we recommend that you wear headphones for the best listening experience.

The sound of the instrument can be equated to the sound of a bell or a Tibetan bowl. The ten cut-outs on the drum are tuned to a variety of tones that vibrate in a rich range of pleasant vibrations, and they all interact with each other.

You can press keys on your keyboard: «a» «s» «d» «f» «g» «h» «j» «k» «l» «;»

Buy Drum of Happiness SK

Our drums are handmade, in a private workshop near Mladá Boleslav, from special types of resonant metals that ring beautifully. It is a very laborious process. But we are direct manufacturers, and we try not to put a high price on making drums accessible to people. To give you an idea; similar instruments are sold for several times with higher prices, but not always in top quality.

As a gratitude for trust, you get drumsticks for every drum for free.

If you need a consultation, you can also chat with us via Messenger FaceBook


Videos from those who bought the drum of happiness, the events we attended, interesting videos about sound…etc.

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Z dopisů našich spokojených zákazníků

Nejdůležitější pro nás je vědět, že vyrábíme nástroje, které přinášejí radost. Budeme moc rádi, když napíšete recenzi, jak Buben Štěstí ovlivnil Váš život. Vaše komentáře a hodnocení nám pomáhají neustále zlepšovat naši práci.

Kde můžete vidět Bubínek štěstí

Na mapě můžete najít místa kde náš bubínek můžete vyzkoušet a nebo i koupit, doporučujeme předem zavolat a domluvit si schůzku.

Pokud chcete taky prodávat naše bubínky nebo máte frekventované a vhodné místo například čajovnu, jóga studia apod. můžeme Vám bubínek zapůjčit pro vyzkoušení a zábavu vašich klientů.

Buben Štěstí

How it all began!

You may be wondering where such musical instruments came from in the Czech Republic.

Many people say that the sound of a drum is Asian or religious, but it's just a piece of metal that people can chime and turn it into a musical instrument.

The following text is longer or maybe too personal, but it wasn't really possible to write it, the Drum of Happiness was a long-term journey, and we are happy for it.

Připojte se na naše sociální skupiny

Snažíme se propojit lidi kteří fandí pozitivním vibracím a chtějí se podělit o své zkušenosti a znalosti

«Buben Štěstí»

Naše propagační stránka ve které uvidíte reklamy, soutěže, akce a tak dále.

«Zvonění pro Štěstí»

Po domluvě předem a v jednu chvíli z domova, společně budeme zvonit pro uzdravení nebo pomoc konkrétnímu člověku.

«Terapie Štěstí»

Skupina pro lidi které s «Bubnem Štěstí» praktikují zvukovou terapii, vibrační masáže a pracují s dětmi.

Řídíme se pravidlem: Sociální sít může být dobrým sluhou nebo zlým pánem.

Spolum Drum

I'll call you back

Greetings, I am Vladimir and I make drums for your pleasure. If you have a question about drums or you are interested in any form of cooperation; send me your phone number and I will be happy to call you back.